Alice in Wonderland Ballet



I wanted to get a little braggy here for a second and post some pictures of my amazing little sister Sarah from her ballet this past spring since she just received her pointe shoes and has been working SO hard. She is so dedicated to ballet and dance, which is the complete opposite of me when I was her age. I took exactly one year of ballet before quitting. My main problem was I didn't see the point in repetitive practice. What were we practicing for if we already knew the routine? Needless to say I spent most of the year on the sidelines, but am happy to report I knocked it out of the park for my one and only dance recital. Which also happened to be Alice in Wonderland.

Each spring, the local ballet company in my hometown puts on a production and this year it will be Frozen. Sarah has been working so hard with her new pointe shoes to be able to dance in the recital in them by spring. I think my favorite part of each performance is getting to scope out and drool over all of the costumes. I think I should have stuck it out a little longer, if only for the glitter and sequins.

Sidenote: can my mom do a helluva winged liner or what?


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