5 Favorite Cookbooks


If there is one thing I could pinpoint that Chris and I really need to work on, it would be utilizing the books we buy. While both of us have gotten better in the past few months in terms of actually reading the literature and how-to books we purchase, the one area we still need to improve in is cookbooks. I LOVE a good cookbook and I seem to buy them constantly without any reason. In the upcoming months, I would like to incorporate them more into our weekly meal planning, so I have compiled a list of my five favorite cookbooks of the moment that I plan to use as a jumping off point. And so now I have an excuse to buy more.


1. The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams

2. One Pot of the Day by Kate McMillan

3. A Southerly Course by Martha Hall Foose

4. Shake by Eric Prum & Josh Williams (This counts as a cookbook, right? ;))

5. New Orleans Food by TomFitzmorris

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