Vintage Barware + Favorite Etsy Shops



My parents owned several antique stores when I was growing up, so we spent many weekends accumulating inventory to go in these stores. While I didn't always love going to estate sales or being around vintage, I'm really happy that I grew into a passion for it later on. One of the main corners within that passion is barware. It's THE thing I'm always out looking for in shops or online and I love to get a good deal on it. Etsy is such a great resource for vintage items these days, in that it brings all the antique/thrift stores to you. A problem I used to run into quite frequently was running out of stores to stalk for new items and Etsy was the solution to this. So, below are some of my favorite shops that I frequent for vintage goods.

Note: The Texas glass featured above is actually not vintage, but from Cat Studio where they have tons of glasses, pillows, and much more from all the different states! Check them out HERE

Tamale House East

Weekend Casual