On the Road Again + Traveling Essentials



Shirt // Jacket (similar)(similar) // Boots (similar) // Leggings // Hat

Anytime I'm traveling somewhere, you can usually find me in this outfit. I love it for a few reasons, but mostly that it's just so darn comfortable. Whether I'm flying, driving, riding, or walking this outfit allows for ultimate comfort no matter what. The layers are great in case you get a little warm and need to shed the jacket or provide enough insulation for the draftiest of places. I love my utility jacket and wear it all sorts of ways and this Levi's shirt is actually borrowed from my boyfriend. I love stealing it because it's the perfect length to be worn with leggings!

Below are some of the key items I like to pack for trips wherever/however I go. It's so important to have a good set of items to occupy your time with and keep your comfort levels up till you reach your destination!

  • Water Bottle - I just have a random one from Target, but I'm dying over this Kate Spade one currently!
  • Magazines & Books - I love reading and love having a mix of books and magazines in case my mood changes.
  • Snacks - Because no one wants to deal with me when I'm hungry. Trust me.
  • Film & Digital Camera + Extra Film - I've recently gotten back into shooting film as well and have both my old film camera and new Samsung too.
  • Sunscreen - I am pretty fair and even riding in the car can turn me red sometimes, so sunscreen is an essential.
  • Face Wipes - Do you ever get that dirty feeling on your face? Or an accidental smudge somewhere smudges don't belong? Face wipes are a life saver in these crucial moments!
  • Charger - Of course this is a must, I rarely leave home without it.

Often times, my preferred method of travel is by car, since flying places leaves you with the issue of trying to locate, plan and acquire a rental car at your respected destination. But with my new found love RelayRides, the experience is so much easier and simpler! RelayRides is on the new wave of traveling in which people rent out their cars to visitors for their time visiting. To me, this is such a personal touch to introducing new people to the city you live in and I just cannot get enough of it! Learn more about RelayRides and how to get on the road HERE.

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