Wine Colored Winter


The weather here in Austin has been just terrible lately. It's been cold and rainy for what feels like forever now. So cold and rainy in fact, that my boyfriend and I didn't even leave our apartment last weekend. Us Texans are just not made to withstand this coldness for very long!


Coat (similar)(similar) // Sweater (similar)(similar) // Jeans // Boots (similar)(similar)

Weather aside, during the winter months I tend to gravitate towards more neutral colors and I assume a lot of folks do too. One way I like to introduce a little color into my wardrobe is through a colored outerwear. I love this coat I found at Forever21 ages ago and use it when I just feel like my outfit is missing a little something. This coat is still muted enough to go with a lot of different outfits, but vibrant enough to be noticed as some actual color!

Weekend Via My IPhone

French 75