SXSW Recap


Whew, SX is over ya'll! It was a really fun and exhausting week! I wanted to share some pictures and highlights from my SXSW experience. If you were in town, how did your SX turn out?


Have you seen Shinyribs before? If not you're missing out big time.

We also attended the premier party for Colin Hank's new documentary "All Things Must Pass" at the Gibson Showroom. I wasn't too sure what to expect with this, but they transformed the place into a record store, had a DJ spinning any record you wanted and at the end of the night sent you home with a new vinyl to call your own. Now that's my kind of parting gift.

Wednesday was reserved as an all day event, so we started our day around noon at ABGB and ended it at Peckerheads on 6th where a lot of great musicians, including my boyfriend Chris King, played sets.

The rest of the week was spent catching up on sleep and trying to stay out of the rain. We dipped into Hotel San Jose for a drink and a set before calling this SXSW officially done!

Stripes + Leopard

Everybody Was SXSW-ing