Maine: Rockland to Bar Harbor

Maine: Rockland to Bar Harbor

Hi y'all! Today is the last leg of our Maine trip I'll be sharing on here and I'm so sad to see it go! I had a blast going through all of the photos to post and re-living the memories. If you missed the first two parts you can catch up here: Part One and Part Two.

This day in Rockland we tried to sleep in as much as possible before getting our day started. We made a brief trip out to Owl's Head Light that morning to explore the outskirts of Rockland some. If there's one thing I'd recommend, it's visiting as many lighthouses as you can while in Maine. While I'm not super interested in the lighthouses themselves, the scenery surrounding them is alwayssss amazing and picture perfect. We made our way back into town and decided to make the long trek out onto the Rockland Breakwater Light while our energy was still up, ha. The walk out there was about a mile long and super windy, but actually a lot of fun! And once again, those views were picture perfect.

After all of the morning adventuring, we decided that lunch was definitely in order so we made a pit stop at Claws. So, this is super embarrassing to admit, but I had a burger at Claws instead of anything lobster or seafood related, ha! But, if I'm being honest, that burger was delicious and so needed! Chris had the lobster dinner, which he quickly demolished. 

After lunch we decided to go wander around in the downtown area of Rockland. There are tons of cute shops and art galleries, which reminded me a great deal of Rockport in Texas. We also made a quick impromptu trip through the Farnsworth Art Museum to check out the Andrew Wyeth exhibits. Unfortunately, we ended up there towards the end of the day, but it was such a neat museum that I wish we would've had more time! Before heading back to 250 Main, we had drinks and a light dinner at Fog Bar & Cafe.  We ended our night at (surprise surprise) Myrtle Street Tavern again as we just couldn't get enough of it the night before.

The next day we packed our stuff up and headed out for Bar Harbor. We made a short stop into Camden because it looked like THE cutest town imaginable. I'd love to go back and stay there someday, it appeared to be a pretty lively town. 

We stayed at the Harborside Hotel which was conveniently located right in town and within walking distance of everything. Somehow I always manage to forget my bathing suit whenever we travel, so after a hurried search for one in town we immediately headed to the pool for an afternoon swim. The weather was a perfect 85 and while I would've loved to experience a little cooler weather while there, I was really glad we were able to squeeze in some swimming time. 

That night we had dinner at the Side Street Cafe where I almost broke down and considered ordering a Maine burrito, but eventually came to my senses and opted for some lobster mac and cheese instead. It was a close one! We made our way down to the beach to take in the sunset and I'm pretty sure it was the most beautiful sunset I'd ever seen. The colors were just too beautiful to capture with words. 

The next morning we woke up at the crack of 3:15 AM (I'm not kidding) to take in the sunrise in Acadia National Park. I plan to do a whole post on just that soon, so stay tuned! We spent the rest of the morning in Acadia before heading back to grab breakfast at the This Way Cafe. One quick Yelp search and you'll see what I'm talking about, but the blueberry pancakes at This Way were some of the best I have ever had. Seriously, so good!

After breakfast we went and took a well deserved nap before heading down to the pool again and relaxing on our last day in Maine. We managed to go walk around town some more and browse/pick up souvenirs from the shops to take home with us and then decided we needed one final lobster meal before we could head back to Texas. 

We took a short drive out of town and headed to Thurston's Lobster Pound. There was a line out the door when we arrived, so we quickly got in it and started scoping out what to get. In terms of ambiance, I think this lobster shack might've been my favorite. It was a lot of fun to watch all the ladies who run it do their thing and I loved sitting out on the desk over the water. 

The next day we packed up all of our stuff and said goodbye to Maine. Overall, I'm SO glad we decided to stick to our guns and go. The state was beautiful, the people were friendly and I cannot wait to go back someday.



Maine: Boothbay Harbor to Rockland

Maine: Boothbay Harbor to Rockland