When Hurricane Harvey Hit + Ways to Help

When Hurricane Harvey Hit + Ways to Help

We were supposed to leave out of Austin for Charleston on Saturday, the 26th. But after receiving several emails from Southwest about possible delays and cancellations, we decided to bump our flight up a day in order to get out before Hurricane Harvey was expected to hit. I do plan on doing a post dedicated to Charleston and all the things we ate and drank (because there were A LOT) soon. I absolutely loved the city and would certainly love to return one day under better circumstances since I don’t think we truly gave it the chance and attention it deserves.

The reports from home we were getting were fairly normal and non threatening. Growing up in the Coastal Bend, you have a lot of time dedicated to hurricane prep. You get the water, the food, you board the house up, you get out of school or work a few days and then…nothing happens. You might occasionally get a little flooding or some wind and rain, but it’s never really that bad. So the mindset we had was, this hurricane will be the same. It has to be the same. Till it wasn’t.

My family lost power somewhere around 7 pm that night in Refugio, Texas and still as I type this on September 5th, don’t have it back. Their water hasn’t consistently been on either and even if it was, they are under boil ban and wouldn’t really be able to use it. And all over South Texas, this is the case at the moment.

Chris and I laid in bed our first night in Charleston toggling between Facebook, Twitter, CNN and texting people. It was the most bizarre feeling to be so far away from something that is directly happening to you. Then the service went out and we weren’t able to get a hold of people, which is the most numbing thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life and we weren't able to communicate with them for well over 12 hours. My family all made it through the hurricane thankfully along with their belongings and houses. I know that is not the case for a lot of people and it breaks my heart to see my hometown and the communities I grew up around struggling.

We went down this Labor Day weekend to try and help anyway we possibly could. We hauled limbs, ripped up carpet and sheet rock, handed out bug spray, sunscreen and and anything else we could do. And it was exhausting. And we're still recovering. But you know what? There's people down there right now that are enduring far more and far worse than us and if we can help even the tiniest bit in that process, you're damn right we will. Plus, the sense of community that is happening down there right now is infectious y'all. There are people out feeding other other people daily, there's people doing laundry and pulling up to random yards and lending a hand with recovery. I'm so PROUD to be a Texan, to be a South Texan, in moments like these.

If you’re looking for ways to help the Coastal Bend that are a little out of the usual, I’ve listed a few below:

  • I started a GoFundMe campaign for my little hometown of Refugio in hopes of raising some funds for their Refugio County Hurricane Relief Fund. You can find that here: gf.me/u/cnp4h9
  • Rockport Chamber of Commerce is also running a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise funds for one of my favorite towns in all of Texas. You can find that here: gf.me/u/cnq368
  • My husband Chris made these beautiful posters in the hopes to raise some money for the Texas Gulf Coast, learn more here: http://www.christopherck.com/shop/harvey
  • Texas Humor is doing ALL kinds of amazing things for Hurricane Harvey relief. He’s currently taking donations down to the smaller Texas towns that need supplies. They’re also doing Mattress Mack shirts for Harvey relief funds now too! You can find more info on their social media or website here: https://txhumor.com/
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